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• Permissions are a very powerful method to distribute unique user permissions to individuals. When used in conjunction with the Groups feature in UBB you can just about do anything you want. The only issue with this is the more complicated you make the groups and permissions the harder it is to keep track of them.
• Permissions for forums, site and control panel are assigned to groups not users per say. So you would create the groups then assign permissions to the groups then assign users to the groups.

Editing Site Permissions

• Login to your board as a admin.
• Select the Control Panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the Permissions Section and select the Site Permissions link.
• On this screen you will see:
     • All fields require a numeric value. Enter 0 to disable and 1 to enable, unless otherwise specified. If a user belongs to multiple groups, a indicates the user will get the highest permission, a indicates they will get the lowest. If you enter a -1 for any specific permission, then a user will not have that permission even if they belong to other groups that do have it set.

Can view the Member List

• Enter a 1 to enable the group or a 0 to disable the group for access viewing the user listing.

Can See Extra User Info

• Enter a 1 to enable the group or a 0 to disable the group for access viewing extra info in various locations. Such as IP, Browser and Referer Info. This is typically not used for regular users.

Maximum length of signatures

• This field is used to limit the number of characters in the groups signature. So enter a value 0 to disable or a value to limit the number of characters allowed.

Total # of posts allowed in a private topic

• This field will limit not the number of topics but the number of posts (replies) that are contained in a particular topic.
• So enter a value other than the 1 or 0 indicated above.
• An example would be I start a private topic and after 100 replies back and forth between the recipients then they would need to start a new topic.

Can specify a remote avatar

• This field will allow a Group to enter a avatar image URL in their profile that is located at another site instead of uploading one to your site.

Can see the shoutbox

• This field will limit if a group can view the shoutbox feature if enabled.

Minimum time between searches

• This field will limit the time between searches in seconds.
• Example would be if set to 0 then a Group could do unlimited searches, If set to 30 then a Group would need to wait 30 seconds to attempt another search.

Can create global announcements

• Global Posts will appear in every forum not just the one forum it is posted in.
• Also as of version 7.5.6 Global Posts do not allow replies.

Can email posts to others

• When a Group is browsing a post there is a email button to send to others. This will only appear if enabled for the group the user is in.

Can vote in polls

• If polls are enabled in a forum this will determine if the group the user is in, is allowed to vote in the poll.

Max # of private topic participants

• This field will limit the number recipients that a Group sends the private topic to.
• For example if set to 5 then the topic starter will be limited to 5 recipients.

Can choose a stock avatars

• This will allow Groups to select stock avatars uploaded to the site by the admin not by other users.
• They would do so by selecting them in their profile settings.

Can use the shoutbox

• This setting will allow Groups to actually post in the shout box if enabled.
• You also need to enable them to view the shoutbox from a setting above.

Can set a Custom Title

• This will set the Max # of characters in their custom title.
• If you set this to 0 then the Group will not have the option to enter their own custom title, superseding the default titles.
• If you wish to allow them to have a custom title entered in their profile setting then you need to enter the number of characters allowed.

Can view Member Profiles

• This setting will allow a Group to view member profiles.
• Such as electing a user from the user list, And be able to see the selected users details.

Can use [image] tag in signatures

• This will allow a Group to add a image tag to their profile.

Total # of private topics allowed

• The maximum number of private topics this group can have. If this is set to 0, this group cannot start new private topics.
• This is different than the other private topic settings. Where this limits the number of topics a user can have. Instead of the number of recipients or number of replies.

Can create new calendar events

• This item will allow the group to post events in the calendar feature if enabled.

Can upload an avatar

• This item will allow a group to upload a avatar image to your site. for their use in their profile.
• You have the option in other areas of the control panel to specify where the uploads are sent to as well as file size.

Can use the Search Engine

• This item when configured will allow the group to use the search feature for posts and topics on the site.

Finished editing

• When complete select the Update Site Permissions button.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 4th, 2014 · Updated on August 12th, 2016
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