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Developer Notes



James Corthell, VNC Web Services, has created a Staff Listing addon for UBB.threads, which will allow your users to quickly find who the staff members of your forum are (Administrator, Global Moderator, or Moderator [the Moderator listing also supplies the forum that the Moderator is assigned to]).

The following fields will display if the staff member has a value supplied in their preferences: Ability to PM, Ability to EMail (public email), Ability to Visit Homepage



A Gardeners Forum, UBB Developers, Scouters World, UGN Security


Developer Notes

Release Build 20200101
• New: Documentation now available UBB.Staff Listing
• New: FontAwesome support for those running v7.6+.
• New: Moderated forums are now displayed for Administrator and Global Moderator permissions; the original behavior was to only list assigned forums for moderators. Additionally, regular moderators are the only permission that returns a "No Forums Assigned" notation, whereas it is suppressed for Admin/Global Moderator groups as they commonly are not assigned to specific forums.
• New: Configuration Ticks (in scripts/ for FontAwesome Support ($tick["fa"]), to Support Mood Indicators ($tick["moods"]), and to suppress the "No Forums Assigned" notice for Moderators ($tick["unassigned"])
• Change: General Coding and Language String cleanup.
• Change: The templates have been cleaned and now produce easy to follow HTML5 coding with a more modern feel.
• Change: The Admin/Global Moderator arrays are now multidimensional, to allow for assigned forum displays.
• Change: Build number now displays in place of a version string.
• Change: Support for Mood and Online Status indicators.
• Change: Respecting the invisible online indication in staff user preferences.
• Change: You can now suppress the "No Forums Assigned" notation for Moderators who are not assigned to a forum.

Release Build 20140804
• Fixed a coding error which was not allowing moderator homepages to display. The "No Global" message was also set to display the "No Moderator" message, which has also been fixed.

Release Build 20140803
• Staff homepages now open in a new window, keeping users on site.

Release Build 20140801
• Initial Build



To order, please see the Product Information page here.



• $30 - Staff Script (Per install; as this is a licensed script, each unique install requires a separate license. Includes 1 year of updates (365 days))
• $30 - Script Installation Services
• $30 - Additional Year of Updates.

By purchasing a license to the UBB.Staff Listing script you're entitled to lifetime support of the script for the lifetime period of the script. You also receive access to a year of updates for free. After the year period additional years of updates can be purchased to cover development costs. Please note that you are entitled to install this script on ONE domain per license; additional domains will require additional licenses.



Support for the UBB.Staff Listing can be found at the UBBDev thread UBBDevelopers: UBB.Staff Listing
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 10th, 2017 · Updated on December 25th, 2019
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