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The language editor in UBB.threads is a fairly straight forward tool; instead of directly editing the language file itself you can edit all of the individual strings within the language file in the language editor (including adding additional strings).

Languages are managed from the UBB.threads Admin Center in the "Languages" section of the "Display Options" panel:
CP -> Display Options -> Languages

Language Editor - Left Menu


Languages Tab

The Languages Tab is where you'd manage which languages you have installed and where you can adjust the name displayed to your users. The official language set with UBB.threads is "English (US)", so if you where adding say "English (UK)" or "English (AU)" you could have their names set to something easier for your localized users to understand.

Adding a new language requires that you unzip the language files and upload them (manually) to your /languages folder. We have a listing of various languages available in our archive category "UBB.Threads v7.x Language Files". If you're interested in translating UBB.threads please feel free to read "How to Translate UBB.threads".

Language Editor - Main Screen


Search / Edit Language Strings

From here you can select the language that you wish to manage and you can choose whether to search for a language string, or edit the language file directly. The search will look only for your query, whereas editing the file itself will populate all fields in the specified language file. Searching for a string or selecting a language file will bring you to the "Language Editor" section below.

Language Editor - Search Screen


Example Search

If the string that you're looking for is "All of the required fields are not filled in" you'd go to the language editor, click on the search tab, and enter your string into the "Search String" box, you'd check that the language you're wanting is selected (for multilingual forums), and you'd click the "Go" button which will send you to the below "Language Editor" screen.


Language Editor

Now that you've selected your language file (or searched for your language string) you'll be on the editor screen. Here you have the key you're editing and the string associated with it; think of the key as the signifier in the code for where the string reads out. Simply update the string text box for the key you wish to change and select the "Update Language File" button.

Language Editor - Edit Screen


Add New Strings

At the bottom of the Language Editor screen you'll find an area to enter new language strings to the language file; it's the same process as above, only you'll be naming your key as well. This is generally done when you're adding new strings to your UBB.threads install.

Language Editor - New Entries


Additional Information

Some language strings have a prefix, which is helpful for identifying their function; a brief rundown of several prefixes is as follows:

Prefix - Related Function
UAN - addpost
REG - adduser & verifyemail
WNx - watchnotify
BDAY - cfrm
PDN - changebasic
PREQ/PSND - admin/password misc
PMN - sendmessage
DNM - donotifymod
DAUx - admin/doadduser
DEE - admin/doexportemails
DSE - admin/dosendemail
DMT/DMP - domailthread
VER - email verification
Posted By Gremelin Posted on March 15th, 2015 · Updated on September 16th, 2015
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